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Rocker Chic For All Ages With Dina Manzo

Styling Dina has been the most fun! As we all know, Dina is definitely into channeling her inner boho chic goddess look but she is also willing to try almost anything….at least once.

In the After Party Video on Dina’s website which you can see here, Dina, Lexi and I discuss the Rocker Chic trend and how it can be worn on women of all ages.

Dina Manzo, Lexi Manzo, Melissa Garcia Styling

Lexi, the little style maven and founder of bohochicken.com, is seen here wearing a basic LNA tee but she funks it up by layering on a great flannel and Levi’s jean vest; all about the layers.  Distressed denim, cute red espadrilles with rhinestone skulls and lots of arm swag pull this youthful rocker chic look together.

Dina paired a great graphic tee from 25 Park with an adorable neon pink bralette and skinny jeans.  As for accessories, a really fun tribal inspired silver necklace and a chunky knuckle ring really take this look from every day to rocker chic.  For shoes, Dina’s metallic Jimmy Choo pumps are the perfect balance of conservative meets rock glam.

The lovely mannequin is wearing an outfit courtesy shopmaluka.com.  An adorable fringe Free People top; fringe also so on trend these days.  The longer sleeve on this top allows for more substantial coverage for those who may be a little more uncomfortable exposing their arms.  We paired this top with a great pair of wide leg Citizens of Humanity jeans and added in an amazing pendant necklace with a little skull on the end to pull the rocker chic look together.

And last, I wore a basic black tank and paired it with a pair of incredible AG distressed jeans (honestly, they are so amazing I almost never take them off!)  A cute suede ankle bootie youthens the look a bit and of course fun rock chic accessories and a pop of neon on the nails.

And there you have it, rocker chic for all ages!  Can’t wait to see how you guys make this look your own! Tweet me @mgarciastyling and for more style tips check out my Instagram @melissagarciastyling.

Chic Travel Attire…Spring Break Edition!

Spring break is right around the corner and soon enough we will all be hopping on planes for our spring break holiday and what better way to start off that fabulous vacation than in style.  Here are my best insider tips on what to wear when boarding that plane so you look fashionable, chic and fabulous!

The Top: Layers, layers, layers!  The best tip I can tell you when travelling is to have lots of layers.  As you know, the temperature on the plane can go from boiling hot to freezing cold in 3 seconds flat so the key here is layers.  A basic white tee or tank layered with button down and a great LLJ (little leather jacket) This way you will be covered for any of those crazy changes in temperature.  Find  a similar one here.

LLJ - Little Leather Jacket

The Bottom: Next to looking great you definitely want to be comfortable, especially since you will be sitting for hours on the plane.  A high-waisted skinny jean is the best option. I love this option from Mother Denim; not only are they comfortable, soft and stretchy but these jeans will keep you looking super chic and on trend.

mother denim collage

The Shoes:  For shoes, you absolutely want a pair that is not only easy to slip on and off while going through security but also really comfortable since you will be running around the airport in them as well.  If it is still chilly where you are travelling from my suggestion is to opt for a pointy ballet flat or a slip on sneaker.  Both options are easy to slip on and off, flat for comfort yet they still have that edge and style.  The black pointy ballet flat is from Zara and the sneaker is by Sam Edelman.

shoe colllage

The Accessories:

Scarf: If I had to pick only one accessory to travel with it would be the scarf.  I don’t know how but a simple billowy scarf pumps up any outfit and makes even the most basic of travel outfits seem chic and deliberate.  Plus a great scarf will also keep you nice and cozy when the person next to you on the plane decides to blast their AC!


Sunglasses:  A great pair of oversized sunnies are a staple for travelling.  When you are feeling “blah” and tired after your long flight, throw on a pair of oversized sunnies.  They will cover up those tired eyes and keep you looking stylish and “put together”.   These are amazing and are by one of my favorite sunglasses designer, Tom Ford.

tomford sunglasses

The Bag:  Last but certainly not least is a great bag; where else will you hold all your essential travel accessories?  I would stick to a tote or oversized shoulder bag but make sure it can secure it tightly!  The last thing you need is for your bag to fall over under your seat and for all your stuff to fall out!  This one here is by Celine and it amazing, timeless and classic!

celine tie knot white

And don’t forget, if you need help packing for your holiday I’m here to help! Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

2014 New Year New You…

The New Year is here and what better way to embrace 2014 then to step “outside your comfort zone” and try something new, fashionable and trendy.  It may spark the beginning of a whole “new” you!  Here are some of my favorite fashion “risks” that you will LOVE!

High Waisted Denim

For so long now the denim trend has been the “low rise” jeans and you all know what I am talking about.  When you bend over and you see your whole shebang; tushy, underwear and all! Thank goodness we are making a slow transition away from those terrible low rise jeans and moving towards “high waisted” jeans.  Not only are these high waisted jeans SO comfortable, they are super trendy, super stylish and flatter almost any figure.

high wasited denim


Now the jumpsuit is one of my MOST favorite pieces in any wardrobe.  I feel like no one gives them the credit they are due; they are absolutely fabulous!  You will see tons of celebrities wearing them like Nicole Richie and Victoria Beckham. The right jumpsuit is not only extremely flattering and forgiving but comfortable and if done right really on trend.  If you can find yourself an amazing jumpsuit GRAB IT!  I promise you will love it.

emma stone jumpsuit


Haven’t you noticed that whenever a woman wears a fabulous hat they just exude a sense of confidence and amazing style.  It’s true! I don’t know how but a hat can do all that, easily. Plus there are so many awesome styles to choose from; from fedoras to wide brim floppy and winter is the perfect season for a great hat. So even if you’ve labeled yourself as “not a hat person” I urge you to try one! I am confident you will look fabulous!

lea michele wide brim hat2

Crop Top

Now I know what you are thinking, “Crop tops…you’ve gotta be kidding me?!” No, I’m not kidding.  Crop tops are making a huge come back.  I’m seeing crop tops paired with high waisted wide pants and skirts. Tons of celebrities are trying this trend, from Nicole Richie to Gwyneth Paltrow, and I have to admit I’m loving it and got one myself.  I know this look isn’t for everyone but if you are feeling up to it start doing those extra crunches now and grab yourself a crop top!

nicole richie crop top2

A Red Lip

Before you go ahead and say “I’m so not the red lipstick” type of person you have to try it!  I am telling you, so many people say that they can’t wear red lipstick and it’s not true.  It’s important to find the right red for your skin tone with either blue or orange undertones, but I am telling you once you find the right shade of red you will look fabulous and most of all sexy! My one tip, go light on the eye makeup when doing a bold lip; bold eyes and lips too much. Go out and try a red lip today; what do you have to lose?

red lips

And there you have it!  So, go ahead, step outside your “comfort zone” and try one of these fashionable trends for the New Year!  Have fun; don’t take your self too seriously…it’s only fashion 😉

If you have any questions about these tips or other fashion concerns feel free to contact me here http://mgarciastyle.com/contact/.

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It’s all in the details…

So you have finally chosen the perfect outfit and you’re looking good.  But, your jeans or your shirt or your sleeves are just a tad bit too long or something just isn’t “right” and you start thinking to yourself, “maybe I need to roll up my sleeves or cuff my jeans or tuck in my shirt”. You may be right, but you MUST be careful too.   The wrong roll, fold or tuck can take the most amazing outfit to the most awful outfit in zero to sixty flat. I’m telling you it’s all in the details…So, here is a guide to all the right folds, cuffs and tucks to keep that fabulous outfit lookin’ sharp!

Rolling The Sleeve…

So, most people tuck the cuff of the sleeves and roll up.  While that’s all fine and dandy, I think that look is a bit too  “clean” .  To funk it up a little, take the cuff, bring it up to the elbow, THEN roll the remaining part of the sleeves until it looks a little “messy.” And,  I must give credit where credit is due; J Crew has mastered the art of the “sleeve roll”!!

Here’s how

jcrew roll

Finished Look

jcrew sleeve roll


Folding The Jeans…

It is so important if you decide to fold your jeans you do it right!  Like I said before you can easily ruin a great jean with the wrong cuff and it can go real bad real fast; like “Steve Urkel” bad or “french cuff” bad.

Ok, so here it is…the 3 most important cuffs you need to know!

The Skinny Cuff

This one is best for beginners and works best with skinny jeans.  Just fold the bottom of your jeans about 1/2 inch so that the end hits just above your ankle.

skinny cuff

The Thick Cuff

This cuff requires a wider, looser jean.  Think along the lines of the “boyfriend” jean.  Here, you fold over once and create a 1 inch cuff.  Then fold over again and smooth out.

thick cuff

The Half Cuff

If you care about looking like you don’t care this is the roll for you!  And again, this cuff is best for slouchier jeans…think again in the “boyfriend” jean family.  Start by making a single 4 inch cuff.  Scrunch the top and bottom of the cuff together to create a  rustled look.  Finish by folding the top hem over about 1/4 inch and your done!

half cuff


Mastering The Half Tuck…

Ok, so I have to admit I have been rockin the half tuck all summer long!  When leaving a shirt out completely is too schlumpy and when tucking it in all the way is too “stiff”, the half tuck is the perfect option and when done right it looks casual yet refined.   And, this look works with jeans, pants and even skirts!  Tuck the entire front of your shirt in and then pull out until it looks casual yet clean.  And your done!

half tuck shirt

half tuck shirt 2

And there you have it!  All the secret stylist tips on how to cuff, tuck and roll.  And remember, it’s all in the details!

If you have any questions about these tips or other fashion concerns feel free to contact me here http://mgarciastyle.com/contact/.

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pre-shopping fabulousness

Are you one of those people who absolutely dreads shopping for themselves?  The thought of going to the mall and dealing with all the crowds, scouring through the racks and walking aimlessly from store to store makes you insanely nauseous, right?!

It’s overwhelming, trust me I get it!!  I have heard it time and time again from my clients. You look at all these other women and they look so cute and put together with all the right accessories.  So,  you go to the stores determined to get something “cute” for yourself but as soon as you walk in there are a gazillion racks overflowing with a thousand different options.  You feel so overwhelmed and the anxiety begins to rise and you feel it in your throat.  So, you either wind up buying the same jeans and shirts you already own in a different color or you leave empty handed.  It’s beyond frustrating, discouraging and above all else you still have nothing cute to wear!

Well, let me tell you the simple solution to it all is my signature pre-shopping service.  You are going to LOVE this…I promise.  Imagine walking into the store, bypassing all the crazed shoppers and all the overwhelming racks overflowing with clothes and waltzing into a dressing room FILLED with clothes and accessories pre-selected specifically for you and your needs.   All your sizes, all the styles that flatter YOU and your body and all the trends to make YOU look cute will all be waiting  in your fabulously packed dressing room!  It ‘s that easy and that amazing!

dressing room

try it

Here is what one of my most recent clients had to say about pre-shopping, “I walked into a dressing room and felt like a princess!  All my clothes and accessories were displayed magnificently.  From my accessories being laid out on an amazing skirt to my jeans being folded in neat piles for me to examine, to my blouses and dresses all hung for display.  I honestly didn’t know what to do I was so excited!  All I had to do was be the talent, stand there and try on.”

Another recent client had this to say about pre-shopping, “So fun walking into a dressing room full of fabulous dresses pre-selected by you. Best experience…cannot wait to do it again this fall.”

My pre-shopping service will save you time, money and your sanity!  No more stressing about going to the stores and finding those amazing pieces to make you look cute. No more wasting money purchasing the same clothes you have over and over.  No more wasting time wandering aimlessly through the stores and walking out empty handed.  Let me do the work for you and I promise you will never want to shop any other way again!!

Get started here…. http://mgarciastyle.com/services/ or if you would like a free phone consultation contact me here http://mgarciastyle.com/contact/.  I am so excited to work with you!

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Closet edit

The dreaded morning “activity”…getting dressed.  You open up your closet doors and just stand there in front of your closet full of clothes and say to yourself, “I have nothing to wear!”and the fact that your closet is in complete disarray does not help!  So, what do you do?  You wind up wearing the same jeans and shirts that go through the weekly rotation and you think to yourself, “How do I have an entire closet full of clothes yet I am still wearing the same 3 jeans and 4 shirts all the time!”.

We’ve all bought items we’ve later regretted (but we still keep those clothes hanging in our closets with the tags on??).  We’ve all spent way too much on amazing shoes only to bring them home and discover that despite how cute they are you cannot walk 15 feet in them without your feet killing you! We’ve all outgrown some of our favorite clothes.  It’s awful but I promise you, we’ve all been there!

There is a solution!  A simple closet edit will not only nourish your soul but leave you feeling lighter and happier!  When you open your closet doors each morning you will have an organized “boutique” of awesome pieces screaming out to you wanting to be worn.  An organized closet filled with ONLY pieces that make you feel beautiful is more powerful than you can imagine.

Edited closet

try it

Less Clutter Less Stress: As one of my clients said, “Nothing is as stressful as walking into a disorganized closet full of clothes you hate and having to figure out what to wear each day”.  Can you imagine what your mood will be like if this is how you start each day? Once your closet is “cleansed” and organized with only the clothing that makes you feel amazing, getting dressed will be FUN and you will leave your home each morning feeling confident and beautiful! After her closet edit that same client told me, “It’s like a 10 lb weight was lifted from my morning routine. I feel like saying “ahhhhh” everytime I walk into my closet-like pure OM! I actually enjoy choosing my outfits and my confidence is through the roof”.

Save time and Money:  How much time do you waste standing in front of your closet each day asking yourself the same question, “What am I going to wear today”? It’s a miserable place to be especially when that time could be well spent doing a million other things!  With an organized closet edited to only the pieces you love and feel great in, getting dressed will take no time at all!  You will now have plenty of extra time to do all the things you love.  Plus now it will be easy to determine the items you need to fill in and compliment your wardrobe.  You will no longer waste money on unnecessary items!

A Fresh Start:  Don’t let your insecurities keep you from getting rid of the same items that make you insecure. Release the clothes and the negative thoughts.  Give yourself the gift of new space, freedom and the opportunity to fill your closet with clothes that make you feel as beautiful as you truly are!  You don’t need a closet overflowing with clothes to look and feel great.  If you have amazing basics and some fun stylish pieces to add in each season to keep your look on trend, you will be set.   I mean really, I bet you only wear about 1/2  of the clothes in your closet now anyway!  Am I right?

So, if your mornings are filled with frustration, leave you running late and coming home to a pile of clothes on your floor, book a session with me and I assure you that together we will work through it and you will come out on the other end feeling and looking beautiful!!

Get started here…. http://mgarciastyle.com/services/ or if you have want a free phone consultation contact me here http://mgarciastyle.com/contact/.  I am so excited to work with you!

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