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Closet Edit

Duration: 2-3hr

Do you feel like your clothes have taken over your closet and you don’t know where to begin anymore?  Do you need that discerning eye to help you decide what to keep and what to toss; which pieces have served their purpose and which pieces can move on?  If yes, and that’s ALL you need, this package is perfect for you!  I will meet you at your home, we will chat, get to know one another and then delve into your closet.  Together we will decide what stays and what goes!  Once your closet is “detoxed” I will help you organize so when you open those closet doors each day you will feel like you are in your own little boutique!

This package includes a Sort

Closet Styling

Duration: 4hr

Do you feel like you have a closet full of awesome pieces but can’t quite figure out how to put them together? Are you wearing the same outfits over and over again despite a closet full of clothes? I am here to help! This experience all starts with a relaxed in home consultation where I will get to know you and assess your wardrobe. Together, we will decide what to keep, alter, donate or consign. I will then “shop” your “new” closet.  You will be amazed at the fabulous looks I will create as I “reinvent” your clothes.  As an added bonus, each look I style will be recorded and I will create a digital look-book for you to reference so getting dressed is easy and fun.  I will also make recommendations on how to organize your closet so that it’s easy to see and style all of your beautiful clothing!

This package includes a Sort & Style.

Seasonal Update

Duration: 4hr

Embrace change! Returning clients are welcomed to revamp their wardrobes for spring, summer, fall or winter.  First, we will reconnect with a 30 minute phone consultation and discuss what direction you want to go in for the new season, any changes in lifestyle, work or anything else which may be relevant.  Since we have already worked together, I will have a pretty good understanding of your style and current wardrobe.  The second part of this session includes my signature pre-shopping services, the best shopping around!  Where just like before, all you have to do is walk into the dressing room, try on your expertly chosen pieces, and decide what you love!  Lastly, I will return to your home and for an “in-home” styling consultation where I will create outfits with your new pieces and existing wardrobe.  And since you are a returning client, and therefore VIP in my book, this package will include a personal digital look-book with all the looks I styled for you during the session.  This will allow you to easily recreate the unbelievable outfits I styled for you on your own!

This package includes a Shop & Style.

Special Occasion

Duration: 3hr

Got a big event to prepare for?  This is a perfect service for clients who want to look stunning at a wedding, bar/bat mitzvah, engagement party, bridal shower, job interview, charity ball or any other significant occasion.  I will create an amazing look for you from head to toe including shoes and accessories!  This package includes a 30 minute initial phone consultation and my signature pre-shopping services.   All you have to do is show up!

That One Perfect …

Duration: 2hr

Looking for one special thing? Whether it be a pair of shoes, pair of jeans, a new bathing suit or any specific item you are looking for, let me navigate through all your options and hone in on the perfect piece just for you. This package includes a 30 minute initial consultation so I can get an understanding of what you are looking for.  Additionally, my signature pre-shopping service is also included.

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